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Rebellious Bird

Rebellious Bird is a collaboration of contemporary soul, jazz and funk musicians lead by vocalist Erin Downie.

Through music that is as much social activism as it is reason to dance, Rebellious Bird has crafted a sound and presents songs that resonate with a growing audience.

With many band members involved in people-power movements, challenging corruption and greed in our world, Rebellious Bird’s songs are sung with the intention of adding momentum to social justice campaigns and communities sticking up for their free will across Australia – words and rhythms to fuel the fires burning in the hearts and minds of those desiring great change.

Passion motivated and driven by her own legal challenges against corporate wrongdoings, lead lady Erin looks small but sings big – truth, clarity and power of expression are the product of a personal saga that inspires her to take to the stage to be a voice for the masses, a voice of reason to fan these bright embers that lay within us all.

Deep, lush, emotive tones are offered atop a base of solid groove by this quintet – music that captivates and moves both body and mind, creating a space for you in turn to be inspired along your path – towards your own dreams and visions for a better world, towards positive actions and choices we all have the power to make.

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